Dallas, TX





The Idea

We started Project Panic as Texas Panic Room in the spring of 2014 while we were still students at the University of Texas. We got the idea of an escape game from a trip to London that we had won through a business competition at school. On that trip, we were looking for fun things to do in London and ran into and escape game there. After completing the room, we realized that it was always on our minds because of how much we enjoyed it. When we got back to Austin, we realized there wasn't anything like it nearby, and we wanted to share it with our friends and community.

The Beginning

In order to secure our first lease and build our first room, we scraped together all of the internship money that we had each made/were making from our summer internships and tried to make it work. So many challenges arose that first summer; everything from finding a real estate agent that would take us seriously and learning how to drive moving trucks to resorting to Google Maps to identify properties that were for lease. In the end, it was an experience we would never trade for anything. We learned so much and finally opened our doors in the Fall of 2014, in a little red house in East Austin.

Us Today

Since we opened, we've been blessed to have been helped by our friends, family, and community. We believe that we would not be anywhere near as successful without the support of those around us and in our city. The kindness and grace that customers, local business owners, and others have shown us has been nothing short of extraordinary. Because of that, we aim to do the same unto others as well. As we have grown across Texas and into other states, we have continued to believe giving back to every community we are in, whether through aiding local food drives and PTA fundraisers or speaking and engaging with students at local high schools and universities. As we continue to expand, we will maintain our ideals and help those around us.


M:  10 - 8:30               F:   8:45 - 11:15  P
T:   10 - 8:30               S:   8:45 - 11:15 P
W:  10 - 8:30            Su:   2-10
Th: 10- 8:30



M:  10 - 8:30
T:   10 - 8:30
W:  10 - 8:30
Th: 10- 8:30
F:   8:45 - 11:15  P
S:   8:45 - 11:15  P
Su:  2-10



8060 Park Lane #135, Dallas, TX 75231  



8060 Park Ln #135, Dallas, TX 75231