You and a group of your family, friends, or coworkers are locked in a room with 60 minutes to escape.

How? Use your detective skills and solve a series of puzzles found throughout the room. Our unique and challenging scenarios always provide an opportunity to solve problems and have fun.

Birthdays & Events

Whether it’s an out-of-the box team builder with your colleagues or a exciting birthday party with your friends, we offer unparalleled fun and excitement suitable for all ages!

Customers reviews

"The new location is absolutely gorgeous and has some beautiful art in the waiting area. The game itself was super fun and really cool!"
- Taylor Z.
Such a great time with this tech immersive game experience called "end of the line". Our set up and background as well as the clues were on point!
- Rhonda J.
"The End of the Line room is definitely a unique experience and perfect for bonding between friends. I enjoyed the interactive experience and the employees were very friendly."
- Sam L.


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FRI-SAT 8:45 – 11:15
SUN 2:00 – 10:00

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